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January 6, 2011

Eyeko E10949  

November 23, 2010

Eyeko fat balm like base for blush!!  

Hello girls!
This is an italian review on how to use fat balms like a base for blush!Using it as a base the blush will stay on the cheeks longer!Try it!!
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 Love Eyeko!

November 21, 2010

Christmas gift??Buy Eyeko!  

Hello girls!

Next month is near and so are Christmas!!Have you throught presents for friends?Maybe you can get from your boyfriend  a lot of Eyeko products! Go now on www.eyeko.com cause now there are lot of sales on the site!
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Love Eyeko!!

November 9, 2010

Eyeko vip sets!  

Hello girls!
Today I have a big news!On Eyeko there are sales now!The NEW VIP SETS are finally avaible for Christmas!You can save up to 30% buying now on www.eyeko.com!You should get this for Christmas maybe from your boyfriend!Or maybe you can buy it as a gift for youself or for a friend!Just don't miss the chance to get them!

SAVE over a 1/3!!!  Special Value Set for a limited time only!
Get the look for less!
Dewy glowing skin? Check!  Pretty pink lips? Check!  On trend nails? Check!
Lush lashes and kitten flicks...oh yes!
7 of our best sellers all in a limited  edition cotton canvas bag. Includes hero products Eyeko Cream with Extra Glow, Eyeko Strawberry Fat Balm and Eyeko Vintage Polish!!

Perfect gift or guilt free treat!

The price is 34.00€ and you can save up to 30%!!

Love your lips with these delicious treats!
Line with Eyeko Liptastik Lip Lover Glossy Lip Pen, moisturise with Eyeko Cherry Fat Balm and shine with Eyeko London Lips Knightsbridge.

The price is 18.00€ and you can save up to 25%!!

All you need for the Perfect Holiday Smokey Eye!  
Eyeko Black Graffiti Liner Eyeko London Rock Star Line & Shine and your exclusive chance to get cult classic Eyeko Glitter Liquid Liner.

The price is 14.00€ and you can save up to 25%!!

NEW! Girlie girls think PINK! SAVE 25%!!!
Eyeko Frosting Fat Balm gives lips a luscious pearly pink finish!
Eyeko Chi Chi Polish for baby pink glitter overload for nails that dazzle!  Use alone or as a top coat
over neon bright Eyeko Punk Polish and get in the PINK!

The price is 11.00€ and you can save up 25%!!

I absolutely love "In the pinky" set!!And what is your favourite set?
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Love Eyeko!

October 28, 2010

Eyeko Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen!  

Hello Girls!!

Today let's talk about the NEW LIMITED EDITION Eyeko product! The pen lipstick! Is avaible in 2 different colors :

The colors are trendy glossy without glitters and the applicator is unique! 

Order now on www.eyeko.com and insert code E10949 for a FREE GIFT!!

Love Eyeko!

October 18, 2010

Eyeko London Lips : SOHO  

Hello girls!

Today I want to tell you about the NEW eyeko lipglosses collection: London Lips.

In particular I have tested SOHO lipgloss. The color is amazing! Is a brilliant strawberry light red. The lipgloss has no glitter on it, the color result brilliant and shiny. It last on the lips for a very long time, I have eated and have drank but SOHO was still there. The formula is a bit sticky but is not dry. It don't have a big stickiness that annoy is just a bit sticky for getting stable on the lips and lasting longer. Also the smell is like strawberry bubblegum...supercute!
On the packaging  there are printed Eyeko logo and others typical images of London: the bus,the telephon, metro sign...very CUTE LONDON STYLE!

Here a picture of the packaging and a swatch:

I recommend to order it inside the sale discounted pack that is now on www.eyeko.com!

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Love Eyeko!

October 15, 2010

Hello girls!

Just want you to know that the BRAND NEW limited edition Eyeko London Lip Glosses are on sale on www.eyeko.com! You pay 2 and get 3 lipglosses!I suggest you must take advantage of the offert before it's gone!

As always don't forget to insert ambassador code E10949 at checkout for FREE gift!

Love Eyeko!